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Specialist in modern borehole drilling

By rendering professional services including, borehole drilling, borehole cleaning and rehabilitation, construction of water supply infrastructure among many other services.

Borehole Drilling

We usually start our borehole drilling at a larger diameter e.g 20.3 cm to allow the casing be installed thro the soft upper regions thereby prevent collapse. The borehole drilling is then continued at 16.5cm through the solid rock to the target depth or water strike. (a) Drilling of a borehole 8″dia up to 100 metres

Pump Installation

Following borehole / water well drilling, and where necessary pump testing, Mechs LTD will design the appropriate pumping system to suit the clients requirements. The characteristics of the borehole and available groundwater along with the needs of the end-user in terms of flow-rate and delivery pressure will all be taken into account during the design process.
Working to the highest standards will complete the construction of a bore-head chamber and headworks to our own specification and where necessary the clients derived specification. All connections to new and existing water delivery pipework will then be made with adherence to current legislation

Hydro-logical Testing

Phase-I of the hydrological tests comprised of flowmeter logging and fluid temperature logging in the open borehole section. Flowmeter logging is a relatively quick method to identify zones of fluid inflow or outflow. Both static and dynamic flowmeter surveys were run in a well.

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