Over 250 Boreholes
We Continue To Give You The Best Experience Of All Time.
About Us
We Are Well Equipped
Mechs Drilling Services Ltd is well equipped to meet our client needs and expectations in so far as borehole drilling is concerned
About Us
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We Understand Happy Clients Brings Another Client. We Are Therefore Dedicated To Giving You The Best Services.
About Us
We Are Well Experienced
Our Team Is Made Of Qualified And Experienced Professionals. This Has Seen Us Deliver Quality Services To Our Clients.
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How to Sink a Borehole in Kenya

About Us

Mechs Drilling Services Ltd is a private company registered under the registrar of companies in December of 2017.

It is registered under the Ministry of Water and Sanitation as a borehole drilling contractor. Mechs Drilling Services Ltd started its drilling operations on the 2nd of May 2018. Since then it has steadily grown and has successfully completed over 160 borehole drilling projects.

Our services include: borehole drilling, private water supplies, water treatment, borehole prognosis, abstraction licences, ground source heating, pumping test, pumping installation and water well maintenance

Why Choose Us

Mechs Drilling Services is dedicated to meeting the water needs of our clients.
We are well-equipped to handle small . and large jobs, and have a professional crew that gives its best so you can have safe, clean water.

We Are Professional

Mechs drilling services ltd engages in all activities pertaining to borehole drilling, equipping, and construction of storage facilities. The company is able to provide drilling services in all areas where the formation allows for air drilling to be used.

We Are Experienced

Amongst our Directors are qualified Geologists with over 30 years’ experience. To this end, the company has strived to hire the best in the industry while striving to continually train and motivate them to give our clients their best.

Trusted & Affordable

We provide borehole drilling services in Kenya to the industrial, commercial and domestic markets by utilizing the latest borehole drilling technologies and machinery at affordable & reasonable rates. Request a quote today.

Our Services

Quality & Affordable

Borehole Survey

in this case we use qualified geologists who are in our panel of service providers

Borehole Drilling and Casing

We provide borehole drilling services in Kenya to the industrial, commercial and domestic markets

Construction of storage facilities

We do design and installation of elevated steel tanks ,The tank consists of a welded steel container supported by multiple welded steel legs, perimeter columns, and a central welded steel riser.

Close Assessment of Our Services

Mechs Drilling Services is a water drilling company in Kenya with a wealth of experience in drilling boreholes.  Our aim is to provide quality, clean water and boreholes that can be well maintained and long lasting. We are water contractor certified by the Ministry of water and Irrigation

Happy Clients
Customer Care

Featured Projects

Here are a few of many projects we have completed for our customers. We provide a professional service
which includes consultation, free estimate, design, drilling ,supply of materials and installation.

Oloomaiyana Kajiado

Drilling Project undertaken in Oloomaiyana Kajiado County. 

Kileleshwa Nairobi

Drilling Project undertaken in Kileleshwa Nairobi County

Nakuru Section 58

Drilling Project undertaken in Nakuru County – Section 58

Looking for more? Check out our other projects.

Our Happy Clients!

Mechs Drilling Services are the best. they serviced and fixed a problem I had for so long even if they are not the ones who drilled the borehole. Keep it Up!
Phegan Mula
Thank you so much Mechs. Your job is impressive, professinal and affordable. I can recommend you anytime any day.
Barbara Mwihaki
I know their work, top notch engineers and great services. I used to have a non functioning borehole but they revived it. Thanks Mechs Drillers.
Peter Kariuki

Frequently Asked Questions

How deep must a borehole be?

Borehole drilling in Kenya will majorly depend on the hydrogeological survey depth estimates for the borehole. Borehole Drilling companies usually dig the borehole according to the recommended depth from the hydro geologists. However it can be deeper or shallow as per the conditions found.

Why Is Borehole Drilling In Kenya So Expensive?

Borehole drilling is a specialized job and it requires well-equipped machinery, materials and highly trained personnel to deliver. The cost of inputs such as the fuel used, gravel pack, drilling bits, steel rods, casings and other items that are used in the borehole drilling are costly. At Mechs Drillers, we try our level best to ensure the prices given to our clients are reasonable.

How Long Does It Take To Drill A Borehole?

The period depends on many factors; the distance and accessibility to the site, the geology of the land scape and any complications that might arise on the site . A borehole of approximately 250m takes 3 to 5-7 days if no complications.

Plastic Casing Or Steel Casing, Which Is Better?

There are two types of casings available in borehole drilling in Kenya, plastic casing and a steel casing. Plastic casing is cheap and is usually used for depths less than 100 meters because its not strong. On the other hand steel is quite expensive, strong and rigid and can go for large depths.

Why Do I Need A Water Analysis Report?

After drilling the borehole and doing test pumping, Mechs Drillers Services will take a water sample to the government laboratory for testing. water analysis report will indicate whether or not the water is safe for domestic/industrial consumption.

Cost Of Borehole Drilling In Kenya?

The main cost of drilling borehole is largely dependent upon the depth and amount of casing that the borehole will require. Drilling cost is per depth (metres). A complete borehole project of average depth of 150-200 metres is estimated to cost 0.97 to 1.3 million Kenyan Shillings. At Mechs Drilling co. we are willing to offer our clients the lowest possible drilling rates. We believe everyone should be able to access water.

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We believe everyone should be able to access water.

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